Friday, January 21, 2011

New Hampshire straw poll adds political sizzle to a frigid New England weekend

Most of New England lies encased in a frigid blanket of snow and ice this weekend.

But politics will be positively hot in New Hampshire tomorrow as almost 500 Republican activists meet to elect a new party chair and conduct a presidential straw poll.

This will warm the hearts of avid political watchers longing for the next big race. But tomorrow's straw poll also will provide useful information for those hoping for a barometer of how conservative the GOP base considers itself to be and what qualities are being sought in our next president.


  1. SARAH PALIN 2012!!!

  2. SARAH PALIN 2012!!!!

  3. Romney may have won his home state by less than a huge vote, but there is still no clear the end, we may be surprised with who comes out as the standard bearer. Should be interesting.....


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