Friday, February 25, 2011

Finally, A Beacon Hill Republican Speaks Out On Unions

We've been wondering over the past few days why Beacon Hill Republicans have been so curiously quiet on the issue of collective bargaining rights, especially amidst all of the attention being given to labor protests right outside their window the other day.

So, we were relieved this morning to see freshman State Representative Dan Winslow (R - Norfolk) step up to the plate to offer legislation on the issue, as reported in today's Boston Herald.

Massachusetts and Wisconsin are undoubtedly two very different states when it comes to our labor history, the role unions play in labor, and our state laws. So, we're not necessarily saying Massachusetts needs to follow Wisconsin's example. But it's beyond dispute that our laws regarding union activity and public employee benefits need serious updating.

Winslow's bill sounds like it's a step in the right direction. And, if nothing else, we're happy to see Republicans on Beacon Hill proposing credible, no-nonsense solutions to problems we're facing as a state.

Message to the GOP delegation: More like this. Please.


  1. I'm surprised you think it is strategically beneficial for the GOP to continue waging these wars on the middle class. How many union votes did Scott Brown get last election? How many do you think he'll get this time around if he and his Republican brethren keep trying to undue America's long tradition of organized labor and collective bargaining?

    The way out of our budget woes is to find savings and negotiate with workers. Trying to undue their right to have a voice in the process is just lazy and will be to the detriment of those who support it.

    Don't believe me? Listen to some of the conservative public servants you're alienating:

  2. Ok Kevin, lets be realistic. MA is not going to wake up suddenly and have a reincarnation concerning the role of unions. But lets look at some places where reforms, in my opinion, are long overdue....MASSPORT, MA Turnpike, WMRA, MBTA. We can all look the other way and just let things continue to move merrily along as our leaders continue to negotiate bad contract provisions, but rest assured YOU will pay the preacher at some point. The pipeline of $$$'s is not endless. So I say we need to gather all the responsible parties together and see if there can be some common ground to eliminate at least the more egregious aspects of current labor contracts, for at least the good of our kids and grandchildren. To ignore the situation is not good.

  3. Sounds like Winslow is trying to take something that works elsewhere and that Democrats haven't reversed since retaking the corner office and that has saved money. Will be interesting to see if Dems sign onto the bill.

    Larger problem though is this isn't all about state workers. Targeting cutting what we give them won't fix budget deficits or create jobs.

  4. Another way to do things from across the aisle:


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