Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Massachusetts By The Numbers

Just in case you're wondering how our state government is doing these days, we thought we would provide you with the following crib sheet:

290,000Approximate number of unemployed people in Massachusetts as of March 3, 2011 (Source: WBZ)
8.3%Massachusetts unemployment rate as of March 3, 2011 (Source: WBZ)
1100Number of jobs Fidelity has announced that it will trim from its Marlborough campus by next year (Source: The Boston Globe)
21Number of full or partial days Governor Patrick has been out of state since January 1 of this year (Source: The Boston Globe)
0New jobs announced by the Patrick Administration while the Governor has been on his trade mission to Israel and Great Britain (Source: The Boston Globe)

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  1. Great set of data....THANKS for collating it into a nice, easy format. Crisp, easy to grasp!! Did I miss something or didn't Deval say he was going to focus on jobs I his second term? Keep bringing this stuff to the forefront.


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