Friday, April 01, 2011

Top Ten Things Overheard This Morning At The 2011 Mass. House Democratic Leadership Retreat at UMass Amherst

10. "Dude... what time is it, and where are we right now?"

9. "Today's presentation by Evergreen Solar on the topic of sustainable economic development has been canceled. This retreat will be in a brief recess..."

8. "Ooh. It snowed. Mistah Speakah, can we go outside and build a snowman?"

7. "I call shotgun on the way back."

6. "Very nice presentation on economic statistics, Professor. Now, can you please tell us, what's the probability of a win at today's Sox opener?"

5. "OK, ok. Here's a pop quiz: Two major companies leave Massachusetts at the same time, one traveling South at a hundred miles an hour, the other one..."

4. "Hey, this place is really nice. What do they do here?"

3. "Why, yes, I'm always happy to pose for a picture. Um, wait, are you a reporter?"

2. "SOOO glad we didn't invite the Republicans to this..."

1. "Psst. Hey, can we claim a per diem for this?"

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  1. When they were on the Ma PIke, I overheard one rep saying "And they have a Fast Lane here as well ? I thought only the MA House had a Fast Lane for legislation!" Wonder if they had a pass to avoid tolls ? DeLeo wondered if he should bring his passport, as this was a long way from Beacon Hill. He got worried when he saw a bill changer in the caf. and thought it was a rouge slot !


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