Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu is a class act

In recent days, some of our more liberal friends have said we whine about politics here on this blog. We'd prefer to call it being critical. You can read some of our other posts and judge for yourself.

But, whatever the case, we're happy to say that there is not one negative word in this post, which is about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to a joint session of Congress earlier today.

We were deeply impressed and inspired by Netanyahu's historic remarks, where he talked openly about the close relationship between the United States and Israel, our common vision and values, and the hope for Middle East peace.

We saw a leader who is intensely proud of his heritage, proud of his country, proud of his people. He spoke candidly and directly, personally and emotionally. He was confident and comfortable with his message. He never apologized once for what he believes in. He never apologized for Israel's desire to defend its interests. (Nor should he.)

Netanyahu's speech was brilliant and visionary. It was also politically skillful. It was passionate political advocacy, not political theater. Netanyahu was able to deliver his message in a way that appealed to both sides of the American political aisle sitting in front of him. And, although he has publicly disagreed with President Obama's most recent remarks about Middle East peace, Netanyahu chose to make his speech not about anger or disappointment but about his commitment to a process that will make the world a more peaceful place.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a class act.


  1. If he were born here, I'd say...draft him to run for President. He is a man of his word...tough, straightforward, and a real leader of his country. I do not see these qualities in our current leadership. Great article and perspective.

  2. And our President is not a class act. Today he signed/dated the guest book at Westminster Abbey as 2008....not 2011. Then later in the day at a toast to the Queen, he took a small hesitation in the toast and the band started to play God Save the Queen. He kept going with the toast while everyone else observed the hymn to the Queen. And then during the day he and PM Cameron compared themselves to Reagan and Thatcher. And still more, he and the PM got into a ping pong game with students. Guess Jobs and the economy are yesterday's problems. Wow, maybe he need a few more Special Advisors.


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