Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1000 watts of sex and support for Occupy Wall Street - from Boston College Radio?

It started as a normal Wednesday early-morning, traffic-laden drive into Boston.

There we were on Route 93, scanning the FM dial for something to listen to.

Music? Yeah, OK. Talk radio? Yeah, for a while. Sports talk? Eh, too early.

Then, we happened upon something so shocking and appalling, we couldn't believe what we were listening to.

It was a morning drive-time DJ in the middle of an incredible, monotonous, nonsensical rant.

It progressed to a highly-detailed description of a very specific sexual act, mentioning several specific body parts along the way.

Then, as if to signal the, dare we say, climax of that segment, the Westminster Chime played.


Then, it was on to the real topic of the day: Occupy Wall Street.

In between playing several highly-political songs, the host launched into another lengthy, monotonous, train-of-thought political tirade. It was less of a rant than it was a long run-on sentence, full of big random words stitched together in nearly incoherent form. Mention was made of the Fukushima Prefecture disaster and its release of gas into the "strontium stratosphere." Then, talk of how "banksters who broke capitalism" contributed to the "de-Beatle-ization of America" amidst an "Aryan autocracy." Mention of how "Brother Barack" is "blind to the change of climate" brought about by capitalism. Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was called a "sharia". Occupy Wall Street was praised repeatedly for its seemingly-heroic efforts to right all of these apparent wrongs.

Then, back to the sexual act. And another chime. And birds chirping with a waterfall.

Then, what we had waited for to determine the source of this incredibly abhorrent rant. And that is what shocked us most.

"You're listening to WZBC, Newton, 90.3, the News at Dawn." The name of the host himself was not identified.

In other words, this was the official radio station of Boston College, student-run but owned by the Board of Trustees of the college.

We're all for free speech, even political speech we don't agree with. Heck, we practice free political speech! But, we were astounded that anyone would let this sort of smut onto the commercial airwaves, much less a well-respected Jesuit school. And dare we also say how extremely disappointed we were to hear the Occupy Wall Street movement being fueled by rants emanating from the heights of this sort of revered institution.

Shocking. Appalling. And, apparently, happening right in our own back yard.

Don't believe us? Well, check it out for yourself. Here's the link (scroll down to "Listen" to the 6:00 a.m. "News at Dawn").

Don't listen if you have children in the room. We take no responsibility for the content, which is obscene. But Boston College absolutely should.