Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Ten Questions for "Occupy Boston"

To promote a spirit of open dialogue, we publicly post the following ten questions to the Occupy Boston movement and we invite their response by way of the comment section of our blog (please note and abide by our policies regarding comments, listed on the sidebar):

  1. What are the names of the leaders of your organization, what are their responsibilities, and are they receiving financial compensation?
  2. What are the specific goals of your organization and what, specifically, are you protesting?
  3. Have you identified one or more circumstances under which you would consider your objectives to have been met and therefore end your occupation? If so, what are they?
  4. Do you claim your organization is intended to promote a political purpose? If so, have you registered with the Federal Election Commission or the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance to report monetary and in-kind contributions to your organization, as required by state and federal law? If not, will you concede publicly that your movement does not serve a political purpose?
  5. Do you claim that donations to Occupy Boston are tax-exempt? If so, on what basis? If not, on what basis will taxes be paid?
  6. According to your Declaration of Occupation, adopted by your General Assembly on November 29, 2011, one of the three goals of your organization is "planning for the American Spring." Can you please specifically define what you refer to as the "American Spring" and when will it occur?
  7. According to the same Declaration of Occupation, you claim to "peacefully exercise our first amendment rights." What is your organization's policy regarding those who do not exercise their rights peacefully? Do you have a zero-tolerance policy?
  8. Can you please list the names of any political organizations with which your group coordinates its activities?
  9. What is the policy of your organization regarding the use and enjoyment of Dewey Square by other individuals or organizations seeking to exercise their free speech rights during the term of your occupation, whether or not they agree with the goals of your organization?
  10. Do the members of your organization consider Dewey Square to be their current domicile? If so, are they registered to vote there? If not, when is it there intent to leave their current location in Dewey Square, and where do they plan to vote in the 2012 elections?


  1. Folks should be able to respond right? With all the coffee shops near OB, their tents will have a better wireless signal than my office.

  2. To promote a spirit of open dialogue and based on the the following premise, LyricConsulting is in the business of political consulting. Who is LyricConsulting working for in this blog post?

  3. Thanks for your comment and question.

    As stated in our disclaimer, all posts on this blog are on behalf of the two of us individually, not on behalf of our business and not on behalf of our clients. The same is true for this post.

    Kind of interesting and funny that you'd ask us as that question as an "Anonymous" poster, though.

    Still waiting for Occupy Boston's answers. We're sure they're busy plumbing a sink or something...


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