Tuesday, January 21, 2014

An unconventional convention date

The official invitations are out, and the date is set. The Mass GOP is having its party convention on Saturday, March 22 in Boston.

Our question is, why?

The purpose of a convention is for a party to select nominees from a pool of candidates for particular offices. Traditionally, conventions are held during the summer months, for good reason. Having a convention before signature papers are due means that convention goers will not have a full slate of candidates before them. This not only narrows the slate of available choices (since not all candidates might have announced), but also creates the possibility that the party could nominate a candidate for an office only to have that candidate fail to qualify for the ballot by failing to collect enough signatures. Not to mention the fact that there is not even a full slate of potential Republican candidates announced yet for statewide office.

What is the Mass. GOP up to?

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