Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Toll-Free Road to the Oval Office?

For years, the state of New Hampshire has strategically placed toll booths along stretches of highway leading to popular tourist spots as a way to pick up some extra transportation revenue. Anyone who's visited the Lakes Region or Seacoast knows exactly what we're talking about.

And, for years, we've wondered why Massachusetts hasn't followed suit by placing toll booths along the New Hampshire border as a way of capturing revenue from people (many of them former Bay Staters) who live in New Hampshire but commute to work in Massachusetts every day. Not that we advocate taxes and fees (we don't), but isn't it odd? If tolling Massachusetts drivers is good enough for the 'Live Free or Die' state, you'd think that tolling New Hampshire motorists would be plenty good enough for cash-hungry Massachusetts Democrats, wouldn't you?

Well, when Deval Patrick alluded to a possible run for President the other day, it suddenly all made sense. The road to the White House starts in New Hampshire, and what better way to lose the New Hampshire Primary than to be known as "That Guy" who put up tolls that made Granite State voters pay more to drive to work every day?

If you live in New Hampshire but work in Massachusetts, now you know who to thank when you drive into Boston toll-free every day. (Note: you'll be expected to vote accordingly some day.) And, if you live in Massachusetts and drive the Mass Pike, well, you know the rest of the story...

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