Thursday, June 02, 2011

ComMITTed to winning in 2012

It's official. Mitt Romney is officially a candidate for President in 2012.

Romney's formal entrance into the 2012 race is good news for the Republican Party. The GOP is in dire need of a candidate with Romney's credentials in the field.

We liked the tone of today's announcement. Romney's 2012 campaign started outside on a sunny farm in New Hampshire with country music playing, the candidate in rolled-up shirt sleeves dishing out chili with his hair whipping in the wind. It's a stark and welcome difference from 2008, when a formally-dressed and perfectly-coiffed Romney announced his previous candidacy from inside a darkened, stage-lit Henry Ford Museum.

At the same time, Romney's speech today showed that he is willing to talk tough about where President Obama is failing, and that's also a good thing. We think Romney stands an excellent chance of winning the GOP nomination. He's got great name recognition, his fundraising is good, and he has a record of success in the private sector.

Off to the races.

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