Monday, June 06, 2011

Everybody plays the fool, sometime

In today's electronic age, political candidates bask in the limelight of the media on a near-constant basis. Every move they make, every word they utter is under constant scrutiny. And, usually, they like it because it suits their purposes.

Unfortunately, we're all human. And, when you find yourself in a position like that, it's usually only a matter of time before you make some sort of gaffe, big or little. It's kind of the political equivalent of the old adage, 'If you live by the sword you die by the sword.'

As we see it, that's what happened to Sarah Palin on a recent trip to Boston, where she recounted Paul Revere's midnight ride in a... well, somewhat less than completely scholarly way. And, of course, the press was quick to seize upon it:

Here's the link.

OK. Probably not her best moment. But, we have to take exception with the hoards of comments we've seen over the past few days that claim this video is evidence that Sarah Palin is "stupid."

This isn't a new phenomenon. Take, for example, former Vice President Dan Quayle, whose entire career is remembered by many to this day for the famous incident where he had a problem spelling the word "potato[e]".

If you think about it, why is Palin's experience any different from what happened to President Obama on his recent trip to Westminster Abbey, where he mistakenly signed the guest book with the wrong date (24 May 2008 instead of 24 May 2011).

This is a pretty serious mistake. After all, asking someone "what year is it?" is one of the first questions they ask people after they get hit in the head, just to make sure they don't have a serious brain injury.

Our point is that no one read into the President's mistake. There were comments about it, especially in the blogosphere, but no one seriously questioned his mental capacity, his intelligence, etc. It was just an innocent, fleeting "mistake." No need to invoke the 25th Amendment or anything. Fair enough. But, why is it OK for people to hang on Sarah Palin's statement, four days after it was made, and to raise so many questions about her knowledge of history, her intelligence, etc.?

We're tired of the double standard. We say, people should at least be equal opportunity. If the media is going to give President Obama a pass for his mistake (which even we're willing to concede was just an innocent flub), then Sarah Palin should get the same treatment.

Just for the record, there are reports today that Sarah Palin was actually more right than wrong about her depiction of Paul Revere's midnight ride. Check out this link. Sadly, for President Obama, it ain't 2008 anymore.


  1. I Love that you are forced to defend Palin here.

    This article is wrong... Revere did not ride around ringing bells to warn the british. She was wrong. She had no idea Revere was captured by the british and then told them there is a militia waiting for you. This is hilarious. She sounded like she was drunk. Give it up. You are wrong here. It wasn't that she made a mistake, it is that she sounded like she couldn't even put a couple sentences together.

    The reason a gaffe like this gets picked on and picked up on by the media is because Palin's entire political career is a series of missteps and misstatements.

    It is one thing for Obama to make some mistakes when he has clearly shown his intelligence. Yet when Palin who even on her own reality TV show looks like a moron makes a mistake, yes it is further proof of her lack of intelligence. This woman isn't smart, just admit it and move on. If she wants to be President or a reality TV star then she will be forced to deal with tough questions like name a supreme court decision you disagree with besides roe v. wade. I pray for her to run, get the nomination and be forced to debate Obama.

    You do realize she is an embarrassment to not only your Republican Party but to our country in general. Only in the dumbed down US of A can a woman like her come within a few votes of the Vice Presidency. God (if there is one) save us all.

    The internet is forever Fred and Meredith and this post of yours defending Palin may just be your legacy.

  2. Thanks, yet again, for proving our point about the double standard, that Obama gets a free pass and Palin doesn't. We are also proud to defend those on the right from unreasonable attacks like this, whether or not we agree with their politics or support them for president. And, 'Anonymous,' WE are willing to put our name on it.

  3. Actually, Obama isn't free from attack on his intelligence. You'll recall Trump questioned how he got into Columbia and Harvard (though he was elected law review editor, a prestigious post awarded based on intellect). The flub you site was attributed to jet lag. Same with the 57 state flub. Palin was riding a bus, no jet lag.

    Both Obama flubs were covered by the MSMedia and ridiculed. The difference is that Palin established a story line with her Couric interview. Obama established his own story line that he's an intellectual. It's her fault that the story line is what it is. You're in PR, you were in journalism, you know how that goes.

    As I note on my posts on Reveregate, Palin is a shrewd operator who certainly didn't sound in command of her facts.

  4. Oh, right. The jet lag will get you every time. How about the fact that he downed a pint of Guinness the day before? Hung over, maybe?

  5. Jet lagged from time traveling?

  6. Really.. I just want to make sure we are clear. You are telling me you think Palin is in the same league as Obama when it comes to intelligence?

    please put your name on that.

    No double standard here, everyone makes mistakes when they are covered 24/7 by the press. Obama is not immune to that. btw blaming jet lag is absurd.. he messed up plain and simple. That is not the point. The point is a few mistakes are different then constant mistakes. Palin doesn't have a reputation for being stupid because she had one bad interview with Katie Couric, but because she says stuff like this on a daily basis.

    C'mon the woman went to 5 colleges in a 6 year period just to get a 4 year degree from the University of Idaho. Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law.

    It is not just one thing, but a history of intelligence or lack thereof that distinguish the two. So yes I do give Obama the benefit of the doubt for making a few mistakes, as they are the exception to the rule, not the rule as in Palin's case.

    Like I said I hope they get to debate. Then maybe we can put this to rest.

    Just say you were wrong and move on. Everyone is allowed mistakes... just not this many.

  7. Hey Anonymous #1, how about your perspective on Weiner. Now there is a sleaze you should be proud to defend. Or is it okay to lie to everyone? A Republican showed his top torso and resigned the next day. Weiner goes further than that and says he's not resigning. Double standard...yep, you bet. What say you ??? Even Nancy P. isn't hitting the microphones demanding a resignation. Yep, another dual standard.


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