Friday, November 05, 2010

Hell no, she won't go... least not voluntarily.

Published reports indicate that Nancy Pelosi intends to seek election as Democratic Minority Leader in Congress. This, despite an outright repudiation of Washington and of Pelosi's leadership this past Tuesday as the GOP swept back into control of the House.

For Republicans, Pelosi's arrogance in steadfastly pursuing a leadership role is a post-election gift. Republican candidates spent months scoring points by making Pelosi a symbol of everything that's wrong with Washington, associating her with Obamacare, bailouts and other failed policies. Just when they thought Pelosi wouldn't be around to blame anymore, suddenly, she's back.

However, perhaps the biggest beneficiary of Pelosi's announcement is President Obama. A Pelosi candidacy is an added distraction and another opportunity to point to Congress as the reason for failure in Washington instead of his own administration. If there is any good news for the President in Tuesday's mid-term results, it's that Americans generally blamed Pelosi more than Obama for the nation's problems.

Pelosi's stubbornness does pose a problem for House Democrats, however. Her candidacy itself means they have to answer a question they thought they could avoid after Tuesday's losses; namely, whether they endorse her as leader of the party and its agenda in the House.

If Democrats care about winning in 2012, their answer should be 'no.'

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  1. Pelosi as Minority Leader may in fact be a blessing in disguise. Imagine her having to stand on the House floor everyday and argue/debate Eric Cantor. Every day her image will be in front of the American people, constantly reminding all of us how her leadership has adversely impacted the country. No more hiding in her office. I also can't wait for her to fly commercial as well...what a favorable benefit to the budget deficit. Only a few more glorious trips to San Fran. on big military planes at huge taxpayer expense. Even DOD should be happy to wave goodbye to her and her liberal gang. BTW...GREAT BLOG...keep up the great work !!


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