Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korea - A problem child needing urgent discipline

This morning's breaking news is of trouble on the Korean peninsula, with reports that North Korea has bombed a populated South Korean island, killing at least two people.

You can read more about the breaking developments here.

North Korea's flexing of its military muscle exposes the pressing danger it poses to international peace. It also highlights the abject failure of the United States to address the North's menace. Recent events - including the naming of a successor to Kim Jong Il, advances in North Korea's uranium enrichment capabilities, and the North's alleged (albeit denied) sinking of a South Korean warship, among others - all show North Korea to be a problem child in need of urgent discipline.

The situation grows more difficult by the day, as the political clout of the United States in the region is increasingly compromised by the massive share of our national debt held by China, an ally of the North. This makes a satisfying diplomatic resolution more remote, and also inhibits American capacity to deal with the situation through force if necessary.

We think the Korean situation demands immediate international attention, with the United States taking a decisive leadership role to protect South Korea from incursion and to prevent the North from developing a nuclear capability. Diplomacy must be put on the fast-track, and additional options must be weighed if diplomacy fails. The international community cannot afford to sit idly by and wait until the situation spirals out of control.

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  1. Seems like someone/some country in the world developed the Stuxnet virus, which hobbled Iran;s nuclear program. Maybe this virus would do well in North Korea to slow their entire military machine. I beleive the other day they quite possibly got a taste of it in that their radar systems seemed compromised in a war games situation when planes appeared on radar but were nowhere to be found in the sky. Stuxnet may be the answer here and in other problem regions...


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