Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nassour for the GOP

We're disappointed by reports in today's Boston Herald that certain people are apparently still pushing for a vote on replacing Jennifer Nassour as Massachusetts GOP Party Chair.

We believe Nassour has done an admirable job raising the profile of the Massachusetts GOP and promoting the election of GOP candidates statewide. In particular, she ran a very successful convention, she contributed to Senator Brown's come-from-behind win, and she assisted in the doubling of GOP ranks in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. These accomplishments, in addition to strong fundraising success, are unheard of in recent memory, and we think they more than entitle Nassour to complete her term as party chair and continue her work rebuilding the party.

We wonder how much of this is just unhappy grumbling about November 2's results, since there is no talk of an apparent alternative candidate. We're planning to go to tonight's state committee meeting to see what happens, and we'll be sure to share our impressions.

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  1. Nassour is admirable that is fact. Her accomplishments speak for themselves but like politicians, term limits should be implemented for party chairs. Nassour has been the Chairwomen of the Mass GOP since January of '09 and with the admirable job she has done thus far she should should stay on until after the Presidential election of 2012 (when the great people of the United States elect Sarah Palin as the next President of the U.S.).


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